CalVolt: a California Independent System Operator (ISO) in the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM).


  • Providing long duration energy storage systems
  • Renewable electricity to battery storage
  • Battery to electric grid
  • Electric grid to Fast EV Charging stations along the trucking corridors throughout California

CalVolt is in discussions with local communities and municipalities located along the I-5 and I-99 trucking corridors of California’s Central Valley. A series of FAST EV Charging stations are planned for strategically spaced locations along these trucking corridors, under a shared revenue plan for participating local communities and municipalities.

CalVolt is revolutionizing Energy and Transport, accelerating us towards a zero emissions future. Our flagship projects like the Famoso / McFarland EV Terminal are the essential infrastructure needed to fast-track the electric vehicle revolution in the US and prepare California for a zero-carbon future.”

We have underwritten a Pilot to develop a 2 two-phase deployment:

  1. Commissioning of a (CSP) Solar to Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to service the California ISO & Grid Peaker plant.
  2. Deploying EV infrastructure charging stations (EVCS). Site selections have begun along the Central Valley Transportation corridors to facilitate motorists with the state’s Executive Order mandating 100% Zero Emissions Electric vehicles by 2030.  These vehicles will charge up at convenient locations along main Interstate I-5 & Highway 99 routes, connecting Northern California and Southern California.

CalVolt, in collaboration with the California Air Quality Board (CARB) and Salley Joaquin Valley Air Board (SJVAPD) district, will work to meet the mandates of 500 Zero Carbon Emissions “Corridor Ready” E-fueling sites.

A Public Private Partnership (P3) has been formed with local governments and municipalities to procure and deploy the best sites along routes I-5 & I-99 to charge up electric vehicles and those using low carbon transportation fuels. The underlying goal is to reduce all carbon and greenhouse gas transportation-related emissions in the Central Valley region. Additional goals are to meet the oncoming surge of electrification to EV’s and alternative fuel vehicles. Both passenger and commercial vehicles will need the infrastructure to support cleaner air in our region.

Our “Keep it Golden” corridor deployment requirements are that electric vehicle charging stations are no more than 50 miles apart and renewable biofuels facilities are no more than 100 miles apart. The fueling sites must be within proximity of the highway. Ten electric charging E-fuel stations would fill the gaps between Los Angeles and the Central Valley. The collaborators have determined that several stations are required between Bakersfield and Sacramento, to close the gap between northern and southern California.

The electric vehicle charging sites would host two, four or eight available spaces for trucking and passenger vehicles. The estimated cost to build the infrastructure would be economically based on the number of charging spaces. The prices also vary by location. CalVolt research has identified numerous sites: municipalities/local governments properties, independent truck stops, and existing fueling sites as potential landing spots for Level 2-3 charging stations.

The sites would include 24-hour public access all year, Americans with Disabilities Act accessible facilities, and would be within walking distance of local restaurants, retail shopping or tourist attractions.

We welcome Public/Private Partnerships and Joint Venture opportunities. Clean energy results in clean air. It’s a big opportunity. Join us. We look forward to discussing our projects and product lines in detail.

Prototype: Our proprietary EcoBoost ultra low carbon fueling centers and EV Charging facilities.

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