Advanced Aviation Fuel

A Division of C2F Energy, LLC

H.R. 8769, the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Act, introduced 11/18/2020:

  • Authorizes $1 billion in grant funding over five years for “projects in the U.S. to produce, transport, blend, or store SAF.”
  • Directs the Department of Defense to purchase SAF equal to at least 10 percent of its annual aviation fuel requirement beginning in Fiscal Year 2024.

Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) will be essential to help the aviation sector achieve a path to net-zero carbon emissions in the near future. Sustainable “drop-in” fuels, can be used with existing fueling infrastructure and with no changes required for aircraft fuel systems or engines.

  • SAF currently accounts for less than one percent of U.S. commercial aviation fuel consumption.
  • In 2019, the U.S. commercial aviation industry consumed 18.3 billion gallons of jet fuel and used approximately 2.4 million gallons of SAF.

Advanced Aviation Fuel, LLC. is currently in final development and testing stages of our Sustainable Aviation Fuel. We are in discussions with several California air service facilities to establish a pilot program for testing SAFs.

Our Pilot Program, when completed in the Fall of 2021, will double the amount of Sustainable Jet Fuel consumed by the U.S. Aviation industry in 2019.

Advanced Aviation Fuel LLC. Pilot Program: from feedstock to Aviation End User in 2021

Over the past 16 years, U.S. commercial aviation industry has consumed over 17 billion gallons of jet fuel – per year. While just under half the amount of fuel consumed by the U.S. trucking industry, this number represents a significant opportunity for for market penetration.

We welcome Public/Private Partnerships and Joint Venture opportunities. Clean energy results in clean air. It’s a big opportunity. Join us. We look forward to discussing our projects and product lines in detail.

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